Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Target Marketing Library Instruction

This is a flyer that I made for the Art & Design department here at Texas State. I am the Art & Design subject librarian and wanted a way to let the students know that I am available for personal art & design research help. I also wanted to use a format and images that would catch their eye. After finding the type of images/emotions I wanted in my art books and then finding them on ARTstor to download, I put them in the comic template. I made it using a program called Comic Life which you can try with a free trial and then if you like it you can buy it pretty cheap, like twenty bucks. I will be hanging the flyers around the art building and a few here in the library. We will see how it goes. Next semester I may tweek it a bit depending on the kind of feedback I get from this one. And I think we will try this approach for different subject areas to make students and faculty more aware of our services.
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Kate said...

Fabulous flyer! I like the "research rescue" tag line.