Friday, January 25, 2008

Interesting Presentation on CMS/Library Integration

Over the holidays I was forwarded this interesting powerpoint presentation, from the 8th Sakai Conference, held at the beginning of December 2007. Entitled " Integrating Library Resources into Sakai," and given by Jezmynne Westcott of The Claremont Colleges, it discusses how she built a library site in SAKAI for their Science Library. (SAKAI is a Course Management System used by our university)

Although a casual perusal of the biblioblogosphere and a cursory google search brought up large amounts of literature on integrating libraries and library services into CMS, I still thought it interesting in light of some of the experiments we have been undertaking in our Information Literacy classes.

We generally make a class outline in our Information Literacy Wiki for each Information Literacy session we teach. Our wiki is outside of our classroom management software, and so a few of us have been asking professors to enable their TRACS wikis and then add librarians in the course, so we can go in and build wiki guides for each class. Hopefully we can do more.

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