Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer update

ah, the summer. We've been actually fairly busy with classes, and also a new instruction librarian has joined our team as well, Charles Allan. The ALA annual conference is coming soon--several librarians will be attending. Hopefully that will generate even more interesting new ideas to post about. :)

I am curious how many people use adobe premiere/premiere elements either alone or in combination with screencasting software like camtasia or captivate for tutorials or other projects. There's been a flurry of seminars and other writing on screencasting, but most of the time people seem to be focusing on the screen capture aspect of it all. We have been producing and showing a short library video for our first year student orientation for nearly 4 years, in various different incarnations---first in Premiere 5, then Captivate, then Camtasia, and now it appears possibly a combination of both. If anybody knows of a good program that can handle both screen captures and edit video well (I know Camtasia can handle video, but it doesn't really seem to be as easy to edit video in Camtasia than in Premiere Elements) I would be definitely interested to know.

Another interesting development would be to offer a workshop in basic Second Life skills in addition to our other workshops. I would venture that especially if and when students begin to attend classes in SL, that this would probably become necessary.

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