Friday, May 4, 2007

RSS + Information Fluency = Multimedia producers?

constantly and forever. And actually that reminds me, our Using RSS feeds and blogs for Research
class wiki page is up--I think it would be grand to convert it into a youtube tutorial, but it's extremely useful for keeping up with new developments. In fact that's how I am passing along some choice nuggets for you.

The fabulous Sheila Webber of Information Literacy Weblog has a cool post on the Web 2.0 meets Information Fluency wiki. I have yet to read the article fully, but it sounds very promising. I'd like to also suggest something that's been swishing around in the brainpan lately--probably a side effect of the conferences I've been too, but namely that we should include other skills under the IL banner, like recording audio, video, other media skills. The article references blogs, but I think it should go further into production skills like vlogging, podcasting, vidcasting, making feeds, etc. It's not as tenuous as it sounds.......if you are importing all this info like a huge funnel into your head and processing it like you are supposed to (i'm referencing the 5 IL standards here), what about the output? How do you take the information you learned and spit it out again and launch it into the social web ether?

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