Friday, May 25, 2007

More Multicultural Transformation........and Second life

This last Wednesday our head of Reference Dr. Clara Ogbaa did another session for the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation faculty members, and yours truly did a short segment on wiki editing. Dr. Ogbaa presented on advanced searching--who knew that you could do so much with google? (see the wiki pages here). Something very interesting came up--some of the faculty were interested in the wiki features in TRACS, which is our institution's course management system. Which leads us to wonder if perhaps migrating part of our wiki pages into a TRACS site wiki might be a good vector for integrating information literacy into courses. (one of the glories of TRACS is that it has a wiki feature built into course sites)

Today there's a Second Life conference in Best Practices in Education in world. I will probably attend a few sessions. I am curious how this will work out, as this is my first SL conference. I've been to various meetings before in large groups, which is an interesting time keeping up with what's getting least there's a transcript to go over later.

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