Thursday, February 22, 2007

Interesting Reading

Yet another reason why I adore churning around looking for links with the "information literacy" tags I found a really interesting article called Getting Past Google: Perspectives on Information Literacy from the Millennial Mind By Carie Windham.

It's advocating IL for millennials, which I realize is very much preaching to the choir, but what I found so amusing and unique about it is that it's written by someone who is under 30 (if her reference to being 10 years older than her brother's 14 year old friend is really true), and she really has her cultural references down pat. She also really put the whole thing in perspective, which is to say, that IL is not just a skill confined to libraries.

I also came across this interesting theatre blog-- the Applied and Interactive Theatre Blog. Its inclusion in an IL blog may not be readily apparent, but I for one have always felt that teaching is a form of being on stage, using theatre skills and techniques. (Have you ever gotten flop sweat when the class is not paying attention to you or getting visibly bored?) There's a link to Applied and Interactive Theatre guide--Training and Development which has some cool and possibly usable stuff.

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