Monday, February 12, 2007

In the thick of it

The pace of the semester is starting to pick up. In addition to the different classes we've all been doing, we've been working on other projects as well. We've got a wiki that's still in the developmental stages, but soon will be up and operational as a resource for students, faculty, and staff.

Also, don't forget about our workshops and Refworks trainings. Next week on Feb 21st we have both a Using MRI workshop from 10-11 am & a Refworks training from 5-6 pm in room 101. We have plenty more, so check back periodically for more offerings (check the page for class times and updates).

In other news, there are two new IL journals that have just come out--one is Journal of Information Literacy edited by Sheila Webber, and also Communications in Information Literacy.
Whew! and they are online too!

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